Mold Testing & Inspecting

PNW Mold Testing & Inspecting is an independent unbiased mold testing inspecting and indoor air quality company. We do not sell remediation services or services from any other companies. PNW Mold Testing & Inspecting is locally owned and operated. No salespersons and no subcontractors.

Goal of Mold Tests and Mold Inspections

The process starts with an inspection of the property for conducive conditions for mold growth or poor indoor air quality. This may include inspection of the crawlspace and attic space – with the help of the home owner/tenant or representative – to identify problem areas, and take mold samples to rule out mold as a cause or to confirm the presence of mold. Then a report is delivered with the mold sample results and any recommendations for fixing and repairing issues that were discovered during inspection and testing. If the mold levels were within the acceptable range, then a clearance letter would be provided.

Reasons for Mold Tests & Inspection

  • Health concerns
  • Feeling sick when in certain rooms 
  • Water damaged
  • Musty smells bad odors
  • Visible mold growth
  • Attic space problems
  • Crawlspace problems
  • Is the property extremely dusty
  • Peace of mind make sure mold is not the problem
  • Clearance testing
  • Real estate transactions
  • Got a large remediation bid want a second opinion

Your Certified Mold Inspector 

Ben Howard is a life-long Washingtonian who spent 18 years in the home construction industry going to thousands of homes and properties across western Washington. Ben understands the PNW climate that poses so many challenges to homes and businesses. 

Ben Howard is a Washington state-certified home inspector, an Internachi-certified mold inspector, and an IAC2-certified clean indoor air inspector. 

Pricing and information 

Residential mold testing and inspection $350-$450*

*Depending on location drive fee may apply 

This includes a visual non-invasive inspection of the property using non-invasive tools and instruments; and an online report with recommendations. 

Includes 2 air samples (one to be taken outside as control); or 2 swab samples. 

Need extra samples or a quick turnaround time?

Extra samples $75 each | Expedited $25 per sample 

Commercial building or property $450-$500